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    Rabbit-Proof Fence

    (Comcast Free Movies) This 2002 account of three young sisters (led by the taciturn but fierce Everlyn Sampi) who escape an internment camp for Aborigines marked director Phillip Noyce’s return to his native Australia for the first time since 1989’s “Dead Calm.” It’s intimately chilling and vital filmmaking. (PG-13; runs through Dec. 12)

    Red Dawn (Comcast Free Movies) The teen Commie-anxiety flick from 1984 gets a remake, dated title and all. The new version drops Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, and Josh Hutcherson into the roles, shifts their guerrilla fight from Colorado to more urban Spokane, and promotes North Korea to Evil Empire status. Semi-forced, but hey, it satisfies the brand. Mostly solid viewing as a combat action spectacle, but politically, unable to decide whether to play it retro-jingoistic or contempo-liberal. (PG-13; runs through Dec. 26)

    Throw Momma from the Train½

    (Comcast Free Movies) Danny De Vito’s black comedy remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train” has its moments, but has difficulty deciding on a tone and lacks any real killer instinct. It plays more like a wayward kiddie car than a steam-driven matricidal express. (PG-13; runs through Dec. 26)