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    On Demand movie highlights

    The Hangover Part III ½

    (Comcast Movie Collections: Just In) It doesn’t bother to Xerox the original 2009 hit comedy, as 2011’s witless “Hangover 2” did. Instead, it heads in different, if utterly formulaic, directions. So it’s not terrible. It’s just bad. The gang (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis) returns, and so, unfortunately, does Ken Jeong’s prissy-pottymouth gangsta Mr. Chow. (R; runs through Feb.23)

    Ty Burr

    Adoration ½ (Starz on Comcast) A high schooler (Devon Bostick) tells a story about his parents and terrorism that may or may not be a lie. The latest puzzle-box from director Atom Egoyan (‘‘The Sweet Hereafter’’) has a little too much on its plate: tolerance, family relations, the Nativity, the ethics of tow-truck drivers. With Arsinee Khanjian and Scott Speedman. (R; runs through Feb. 27)

    Ty Burr

    Bubba Ho-Tep ½

    (Comcast Free Movies) Elvis lives! The poor guy’s been in an East Texas rest home for the last two decades. So it goes in Don Coscarelli’s amusing yet underwhelming piece of sci-fi schlock. A convalescing, depressive Elvis (Bruce Campbell) teams up with his 80-something co-tenant (Ossie Davis), a regal gent who thinks he’s JFK. The stars’ chemistry trumps the picture’s limited vision. (R; runs through Jan. 31)