On Demand movie highlights

Dirty Pretty Things

(Starz on Comcast) Stephen Frears’s film is set in the invisible world of London’s service industry, where illegals like a Nigerian doctor-turned-night-clerk (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and a Turkish cleaning lady (Audrey Tautou) live below the radar of society, and where a human heart in a hotel toilet leads only to darker mysteries. Plot holes abound, but the tender, watchful central relationship keeps you hooked. (R; runs through Nov. 27)

Ty Burr

Starship Troopers

(Encore on Comcast) All the visceral impact you could hope for — all the viscera, too. Paul Verhoeven finds the four prettiest kids in a future fascist military dictatorship, suits them up, and ships them out to zap a bunch of giant bugs. (R; runs through Dec. 5)

Escape From Tomorrow½

(Comcast Movie Collections: All New Movies) Randy Moore’s first feature is a sardonic parody of Disney World, which unfortunately is parody of itself, making further satire unnecessary. Nonetheless he scores style points for the retro look and sounds of this tale of a family guy who loses his job while vacationing at the theme park, and then loses his mind as his fantasies supplant Walt’s. (Unrated; runs through Dec. 22)