On Demand movie highlights


(Showtime on Comcast) What you might get if a French deconstructionist decided to make a drive-in flick. Director Mabrouk El Machri reverse-engineers the mayhem until he locates the humor and the insecurity at the heart of the genre, and he allows Jean-Claude Van Damme to play what may be his greatest role — that of a has-been action-movie star named Jean-Claude Van Damme. In English and French, with subtitles. (R; runs through April 22)

Ty Burr

New Jersey Drive

(Starz on Comcast) Nick Gomez follows up his impressive “Laws of Gravity” with another grabber from the streets — this one based on true stories about war between Newark’s white cops and black kids who steal cars. Gabriel Casseus is heartbreaking as the tough kid with heart, and Sharron Corley is sympathetic as the one who might break out of the collective hopelessness. (R; runs through April 30)

The Legend of Drunken Master

(Encore on Comcast) Jackie Chan is in top form in this 1994 sequel to his 1978 breakthrough movie. It has more of a Hong Kong feel than his recent crossover hits. Containing some of his best and most elaborate fight scenes ever, it emphasizes less interaction with inanimate objects and more hand-to-hand combat — especially of the so-called “drunken master” style, in which he’s supposed to have the shakes and in which his bobbing and weaving disconcerts his opponents. (R; runs through April 30)