On Demand movie highlights

Say Anything ½

(Encore on Comcast) A fresh, surprising teen comedy romance on par with “The Sure Thing,” with terrific performances by Ione Skye, as a brainy high school grad sorting out complicated feelings, and John Cusack, as the kickboxer who loves her. (PG-13; runs through Jan. 31, 2015)

Broadcast News

(Encore on Comcast) Writer-producer-director James L. Brooks orchestrates one of the best films of 1987. William Hurt, Holly Hunter, and Albert Brooks form the odd angles of this romantic comedy triangle. (R; runs through Jan. 31, 2015)

The Devil’s Backbone

(Starz on Comcast) Benicio del Toro brings a uniquely Mexican sensibility to this richly textured genre outing that mixes horror and history in a haunted orphanage for boys during the Spanish Civil War. (R; runs through March 31, 2015)