On Demand movie highlights


(Showtime on Comcast) Heartfelt but simplistic fable about an albino boy with superhuman powers, rejected by fearful townspeople hung up on things that are merely skin-deep. (PG-13; runs through March 11)

In the Name of the Father

(Showtime on Comcast) A must-see movie, based on the true story of how an aimless Irish kid and his family are railroaded by the British justice system. Pete Postlethwaite is heartbreaking as the father, and Emma Thompson rings true as the lawyer who reverses the injustice. But director Jim Sheridan and Daniel Day-Lewis are the big guns here, working with complete trust to present one of the freest, fiercest, most exposed performances of Day-Lewis’s career. (R; runs through March 11)

A Room with a View

(Showtime on Comcast) Producer Ismail Merchant, director James Ivory, screenwriter Ruth Jhabvala, and composer Richard Robbins adapt E.M. Forster’s story with a sweep and humor seldom seen in film versions of respectable novels. The imagery, dialogue, and performances, especially by Maggie Smith and Helena Bonham Carter, are superb (Unrated; runs through
March 11)