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Carnage ½

(Free on Comcast) The debut feature from the young French director Delphine Gleize is nothing if not original: After a bull is killed in the ring, his body parts mystically affect people all over Europe. Despite the title and concept, it’s a dreamy experience, heavy on the poetic imagery and, in the end, too studied to truly connect. With Chiara Mastroianni — daughter of Catherine
Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni — moving as if conscious of
the weight of her genetic splendor. (Unrated; runs through March 18)

Ty Burr


(Free on Comcast) John Waters returns to nostalgialand, circa 1954, not as sublimely as in “Hairspray,” but enjoyably enough. Johnny Depp stars as a delinquent dreamboat tapping into Elvis and Jimmy Dean iconography as greasers called drapes mix it up with fascist frats in Waters’s kitsch-studded, pro-rebel, anti-repression confection. (PG-13; runs through March 18)

The Freshman


(Free on Comcast) Godfather Lite, with Marlon Brando parodying his Don Corleone role as he takes a shine to film school major Matthew Broderick. (PG; runs through March 18)

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