On Demand movie highlights

The Craft ½

(Free on Comcast) Teen angst goes gothic as four alienated high school girls discover that black magic is lot more empowering than cheerleading when it comes to chasing boys and taking revenge on bullies. This supernatural thriller has some neat campy moments, but it turns preachy when the girls are punished for getting what they want. As the most unstable and made-up of the quartet, Fairuza Balk is lurid fun. (R; runs through
March 31)

Matthew Gilbert

Coal Miner’s Daughter

(Encore on Comcast) Country singer Loretta Lynn’s odyssey from child bride to star as recounted with a soap opera sensibility. Sissy Spacek’s performance is superb and there are some great scenes of Appalachia but the film isn’t quite sure about its attitude toward Lynn’s extraordinary story. (PG; runs through March 20)

Paperhouse ½

(Free on Comcast) This story of an English schoolgirl who attempts to resolve her troubles by vanishing into a landscape she draws at school plays like “Nightmare on Elm Street” with brains. (PG-13; runs through March 31)