On Demand movie highlights

The Rundown ½

(Showtime on Comcast) A loud, inane adrenaline rush of a movie in which professional wrestling’s The Rock plays a “retrieval expert” who wants out of the bounty-hunting business. His last mission involves dragging his boss’s wayward son Travis (Seann William Scott) back to Los Angeles from the jungles of Brazil. First there’s an ancient artifact to be retrieved, rebels to fight, and Christopher Walken’s self-parody to be avoided. (PG-13; runs through March 18)

Wesley Morris


(Comcast Move Collections: Just In) Informative and absorbing documentary about the South African freedom fighter, enriched by a remarkable degree of access to Mandela himself, who perhaps is the only one who can speak of his flaws while others make clear his greatness, inseparable from the greatness of his cause. (Unrated; runs through March 10)

The Importance of Being Earnest

(Showtime on Comcast) To hear Oscar Wilde’s stinging lines springing from the mouth of Judi Dench is alone worth the price of a ticket to Oliver Parker’s adaptation, which showcases sharp performances and a joyously literate script that never has to resort to cheap humor to be side-splittingly funny. (PG; runs through March 18)