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    Stealth ½

    (Encore on Comcast) As a gung-ho action movie about a computerized fighter jet that runs amok, this is dumb but efficient summer-movie tosh. As a movie that suggests the US military can wage war without anybody but bad guys getting hurt, it’s an obscenity. Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx is stuck in a thankless best-buddy role; bland, blue-eyed Josh Lucas is the hero. (PG; runs through July 3)

    Ty Burr

    Ararat ½

    (Starz on Comcast) Acutely intelligent but trying, this Atom Egoyan film addresses the 1915 Armenian genocide at the hands of the Turks. The framing story concerns a scholar (Arsinee Khanjian), her young son (David Alpay), and his attempts to explain the content of his bag to a customs officer (Christopher Plummer). There’s a movie about the genocide in here, as well. The film is far too smart to collapse into propaganda, but it’s mercilessly ponderous nonetheless. (R; runs through June 20)

    Wesley Morris

    The Dead Zone

    (Free on Comcast) Stephen King’s tale about a reluctant clairvoyant (Christopher Walken) is filmed with moodiness, intelligence, and a muted tone that suggests director David Cronenberg might have gone too far in an effort to live down his reputation as a goremonger. (R; runs through July 3)