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    (Free on Comcast) It’s 2077, and Earth’s in tough shape. Tom Cruise patrols the devastation, fighting off Scavs, short for Scavengers, led by Morgan Freeman. Andrea Riseborough is his communications officer/lover. When Olga Kurylenko’s NASA spaceship crash lands, things get complicated. Like its star, the movie is clean, cold, efficient, increasingly overblown, and not a little inexplicable. (PG-13; runs through Nov. 1)

    Mark Feeney

    Godzilla ½

    (Just In on Comcast) Aaron Taylor-Johnson stars as a military man trying to protect San Francisco — and his family — from Godzilla and another pair of behemoths. Bryan Cranston supplies the strongest drama as Taylor-Johnson’s father, a nuclear engineer scarred by tragedy. With Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, and David Strathairn.

    Gangster Squad

    (Free on Comcast) Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling head a secret crew of cops intent on bringing down crime boss Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn). This is almost like every popular movie about crooks and cops made in the last four decades, but it’s never enough like its own movie. Director Ruben Fleischer gives it some flash and bang, but it inadequately substitutes for what you could be watching instead. (R; runs through Oct. 1)