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Jon Stewart returns to TV at HBO

Jon Stewart may have left his Comedy Central anchor’s chair behind, but he’ll soon start creating content for HBO.Brad Barket/Getty Images for Comedy Central/File 2015/Brad Barket/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Jon Stewart is returning to TV, to HBO. So much for his retired life on his New Jersey farm taking care of his two fish, two hamsters, two guinea pigs, two regular pigs, three rabbits, four dogs, a parrot, and two children. It took him about three months to get back into the biz.

HBO just announced the four-year production pact with Stewart, which will begin with “short-form digital content” shown on various HBO platforms including HBO GO and HBO Now. The timely shorts will focus on current events.

“Appearing on television 22 minutes a night clearly broke me,” Stewart said in a statement. “I’m pretty sure I can produce a few minutes of content every now and again.” HBO has first dibs on any other ventures he has up his sleeve. Or, as HBO put it in its statement, “Additional projects will be announced as they are confirmed.”


This all sounds about right. Stewart is easing himself back into the comedy-journalism mix, with the kind of high-impact, viral-ready segments that TV hosts from his proteges John Oliver (also now on HBO) and Trevor Noah to Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are focusing on. And at HBO, he will have plenty of financial and creative support.

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