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Seth Meyers ‘Boston Accents’ parody is silly fun

Thursday night, Seth Meyers sent a wicked cool valentine to movies set in Boston.

Meyers and his “Late night with Seth Meyers” crew put together a fake trailer for a movie called “Boston Accent.” It goofs on every cliché from “The Departed,” “Mystic River,” “The Town,” “Black Mass,” and others, including Southie pledges of undying loyalty and aerial shots of Fenway Park. (Interestingly,“Spotlight,” with its sensitive themes, is left out of the fun.)

The parody also features Meyers doing a series of Boston movie accents, including the “upscale Kennedy type Boston accent,” “the townie who says the word bro in every sentence,” and the “British actor who’s trying his best but doesn’t quite have it.” I was impressed. Meyers, who spent much of his youth in New Hampshire, is remarkably good at the nuances of bad Boston-ese.


There’s a great scene in which two guys struggle over where to meet, and Worcester, Medford, Gloucester, Taunton, Weymouth, Revere, Somerville, Arlington, and Brockton all get name checked. What, bro, no New Bedford? C’mon bro.

Another treat: Lexington native Rachel Dratch in her Denise and Sully mode from “Saturday Night Live.”

There’s nothing terribly original in the clip about the silliness of fake Boston accents, but it’s very enjoyable. It has the Boston Globe review saying, “Why do they keep doing this?”

But our real review is, “Wicked pissah!”

Watch the clip:

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