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10 Super Bowl ads everyone will be talking about

Steven Tyler will appear in a Skittle commercial during the Super Bowl. screenshot via youtube

The big day is almost here.

When the Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday, 40-plus advertisers will be vying for the attention of roughly 114 million viewers. After paying $4.5 million for a 30-second spot, advertisers are really hoping to have the ad everyone will be talking about Monday morning.

Here are 10 Super Bowl ads you should watch out for:

AUDI ‘‘Commander’’

Audi pulls at the heartstrings with its spot about an astronaut driving its R8 sports car to the tune of David Bowie’s ‘‘Starman’’

BUDWEISER ‘‘Simply Put’’

Budweiser says they chose Helen Mirren to star in its anti-drunk driving PSA because she has the ability to ‘‘chide and charm’’ at the same time. She calls drunk drivers colorful names in the ad — such as ‘‘pillocks,’’ which is British slang for idiots.


BUD LIGHT ‘‘Bud Light Party’’

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan canvass America to try to drum up support for their Bud Light party. A cameo by Paul Rudd adds to the fun.

HEINZ ‘‘Weiner Stampede’’

People dressed up like ketchup bottles frolic in a field with wiener dogs dressed like hot dogs to Harry Nilsson’s ‘‘Without You.’’

KICKSTART ‘‘Puppymonkeybaby’’

Kickstart’s out-there ad shows a group of guys hanging out with a ‘‘puppymonkeybaby’’ creature to show three things can go together to create something good. It’s supposed to highlight Kickstart’s three components: Mountain Dew, juice and caffeine.

NFL ‘‘Text talk’’

The NFL’s stark PSA shows a text conversation when one texter realizes the other might be a victim of domestic abuse.

KIA OPTIMA ‘‘Walken Closet’’

Christopher Walken somehow keeps a straight face telling a regular Joe to add excitement to his life by driving an Optima. ‘‘It’s like the world’s most exciting pair of socks, but it’s a midsize sedan,’’ he explains.

SKITTLES ‘‘The Portrait’’

Singer Steven Tyler gives advice to his Skittles portrait on how to sing the classic Aerosmith hit ‘‘Dream On.’’


SQUARESPACE ‘‘Real Talk with Key and Peele’’

Comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele play characters who are dying to do commentary on the big game, but who can’t — for legal reasons — mention the word Super Bowl or any details about what’s happening on the field.

T-MOBILE ‘‘Restricted Bling’’

Execs from an anonymous telecom try to make Drake change the lyrics to his song ‘‘Hotline Bling’’ to sound like a phone contract.