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TV Critic’s Corner

Grumpy old men in Asia

William Shatner in “Better Late Than Never.”Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBC

Better Late Than Never 10 p.m., NBC

You can read this as a recommendation or as a warning, depending on your taste for old men, travel shows, and ugly Americans.

“Better Late Than Never” is a new four-week reality show featuring TV stars Henry Winkler and William Shatner (above), ex-heavyweight champ George Foreman, and NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw. The four men join younger comedian and baby sitter Jeff Dye on a trip through Asia, where they study the culture, the habits, and the food. Executive produced by Winkler, the show is an American remake of a popular South Korean series called “Grandpas Over Flowers.”


The four stars are, of course, grumpy old men, and the advance online clips promise us lots of footage of them bickering with one another and rejecting the local places they visit. This is no sweet, pretty travelogue; the locations, beginning on Tuesday night with Tokyo, are merely backgrounds for celebrity high jinks. In one clip, the men enjoy a delicious delicacy that turns out to be — OMG — pork vagina. Reality hilarity, and tons of fast editing and confessional commentary, ensue.

I’m sure the guys make fun of one another. For this comedy to work, though, I’m thinking they’ll have to make plenty of fun of themselves.

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