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Casey Affleck on ‘SNL’: ‘This is the face of Dunkin’ Donuts right here’

Cambridge native Casey Affleck hosted this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” which, of course, means the episode wouldn’t have been complete without at least one or two jabs at Boston. It delivered.

In a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial spoof, Affleck, laying on a thick Boston accent and wearing flannel and a Bruins cap, vehemently says, “I [expletive] love Dunkin’, guy!”

“You want to talk real customers?” the younger Affleck said during the short, his arm holding his cigarette just outside the door of the restaurant. “Kid, that’s me, I’m like the mayor of Dunkin’s. This is the face of Dunkin’ Donuts right here.”

When a manager goes up to Affleck to ask him to move as smoking is not allowed inside Dunkin’, Affleck, smoke puffing out with every word, argues back, “I’m not smoking in here.”


Later, after claiming that the best part of his day is when he’s “at Dunkin’,” the bearded Affleck threw a coffee cup at a passerby’s car.

“Go back to Starbucks,” can be heard as the Dunkin’ Donuts title card appears and the commerical comes to an end.

The show’s “Weekend Update” also got a chance to roast the Bay State. During the segment, anchor Michael Che mocked the news that Trump had been aware of Russian election-related hacking that was meant to favor him, but did nothing about it.

“Can you really blame him?” Che asked. “Who snitches when somebody cheats for them? That’s just ungrateful.”

Cue the #Deflategate joke:

“You don’t expect Tom Brady to tell the ref, ‘hey, let me try that touchdown pass again, the ball was deflated’,” Che said. “I guess Donald Trump was just acting like a patriot.”