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Senator Elizabeth Warren is targeted by ‘Saturday Night Live’

President Trump has been a frequent target of “Saturday Night Live” in recent months — it’s become a cottage industry, practically, for actor Alec Baldwin, who hosted this week’s episode of “SNL.”

The show also took pokes at the left this week, namely at liberal firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Cast member Kate McKinnon was featured during Weekend Update doing a dead-on impression of the first-term US senator from Massachusetts.

The Warren character interrogated anchor Colin Jost about whether he was a member of the Goldman Sachs board — “I think it’s the hair,” she told Jost; whether Jost and fellow anchor Michael Che accepted “freebies and swag bags”; and also pestered the anchors for receiving a cast member’s salary, even though they only appear on air in one segment a week.


Jost did get in some questions. He asked the Warren character, for instance, how it felt to be silenced last week during a debate on Jeff Sessions’ nomination to be attorney general.

Senate Major Leader Mitch McConnell “did try to shut me up,” she said, “but nevertheless I persisted in making Twitter my B” — one can only infer what she meant by that.

The Warren character also said there were only three liberal vanguards in the Senate: “it’s me, and Bernie [Sanders], and Schumer — Amy Schumer.”

There’s more where that came from, although the Warren character’s deadpan style when she said “my Fitbit says ‘check engine’ ” seemed like it could have come from the senator.

At left: Senator Elizabeth Warren in a 2014 photo. At right: Kate McKinnon as Warren on “Saturday Night Live.”Reuters (left)/File // NBC screengrab