John Oliver calls Trump’s recent Russia missteps ‘Stupid Watergate’

John Oliver told Trevor Noah last week that he originally didn’t want to talk about President Trump too much on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight.”

That’s gone out the window.

In the newest episode of “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday, Oliver railed against Trump and his aides after reports surfaced last week that then-Senator Jeff Sessions, as well as other campaign advisers and aides, had met with the Russian ambassador to the US during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Oliver seemed to take glee in pointing out a recent TV interview with former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page, as well as a clip filmed last summer of then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort stuttering over a response about Trump’s financial relationship with Russian oligarchs.


Oliver even gave the ordeal a new label: “Stupid Watergate.”

“It is not clear what is really going on here yet, although one possibility is this all amounts to what I call ‘Stupid Watergate’ — a potential scandal with all the intrigue of Watergate, except everyone involved is really bad at everything,” Oliver said.

The comedian segued into Trump’s raising allegations about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower.

“The relevant question isn’t so much of what did the president know and when did he know it,” Oliver said, “but is the president physically capable of knowing things at all?”

He also poked fun at an interview Sunday with White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, where she defended Trump on the wiretapping claim.

Huckabee Sanders said on ABC’s “This Week”: “I think he’s going off of information that he’s seen that has led him to believe that this is a very real potential.”

Oliver did not seem convinced.

“This is just how things are going to work now: The president once saw a banana with a bruise that looked like a picture in an article he read in a dream, and that is why we’re at [expletive] war,” Oliver said.


Oliver also poked fun at Trump’s weekend tweets, noting that he spelled the word “tap” wrong. (The president used two Ps in the word instead of one.)

“We are now at a point where the president is so busy hurling destabilizing conspiracy theories around, we can’t even pause to enjoy the fact he misspelled the word ‘tap,’ ” Oliver said.

Oliver also had fun revisiting Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress, pointing out that although Trump took a disciplined tone, House Speaker Paul Ryan — seated in a very visible spot behind the president — couldn’t keep a straight face during a part of the speech where Trump called for an end to “trivial fights.”

“That is the face of a man thinking, ‘Don’t laugh, he’s the president,’ ” Oliver said, “which now, evidently, should be the slogan of the GOP.”