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‘SNL’ returns to its slightly older Boston ‘teens’

There’s always something sad about the feeling of lost youth — to adulthood, to responsibilities.

But what can be sadder: clinging desperately to youth long after its shelf life has expired.

“Saturday Night Live” brought back its “Boston teens” characters last night — with former cast members Jimmy Fallon (doubling as host) and Rachel Dratch back as Sully and Denise, who we first met back in the early 2000s as a couple of local kids who loved each other, loved the Red Sox, and hated the Yankees, although not necessarily in that order.

“The Boston teens” aren’t so young anymore. Their daughter, Little Denise -- played by cast member Kate McKinnon — has been accepted into Harvard.


But we find out Sully and Denise the kind of people who won’t let a little thing like age stamp out their love for overly expressive PDAs, Def Leppard, chugging booze from a soda bottle, or ex-Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra. (Fallon’s Sully drops his 1990s-era plaid shirt to reveal a blue Garciaparra No. 5 jersey when he mentions his daughter’s middle name is “Nomaahhh.”)

On a tour of the campus with other accepted students and their parents, Fallon, as Sully, explained his daughter is on the fence about her future.

“She’s undecided. It’s between Harvard and my alma mater, McNealy Heating and Cooling Dot Com,” said Fallon.

When cast member Cecily Strong, playing a parent, asks what percentage of freshmen live on campus, Fallon’s Sully asks perhaps a more practical one.

“Is there an in-house Dunkin?” asks Fallon, referring to the chain that received its own “SNL” send up late last year with Casey Affleck.

“Yeah, I’m in dire need of a butter pecan Dunkaccino,” adds Dratch, a Lexington native in real life.

Interrupting the tour, Fallon-as-Sully talked about his own experience at Harvard.


“I showed up for a medical experiment. I slept for three days and they paid me $15,” he said.

“Wicked pissah,” replied Dratch, whose character we learn holds a job inserting hearts into Build-a-Bears at the Burlington Mall.

McKinnon tries her own, rough-around-the-edges Boston accent (although we do know she said her parents were being “wicked rude”). She blames her parents’ behavior on the paint chips they ate as children. (“Radiator nachos,” Fallon’s Sully observed.)

When they hear the tuition cost of Harvard, Sully, Denise, and Little Denise brainstorm cost-saving ideas: Sully could sell a kidney, and Denise could get the kind of “night job” that isn’t advertised on Monster.com.

When cast member Leslie Jones asks if “this ‘Manchester-by-the-sea’ thing” will end so the tour can move along, the trio give up, and Dratch’s Denise came up with an alternative for Harvard.

“Let’s do doughnuts in the parking lot of Stop & Shop,” she said.

They race back to the tour, though, and decide on Harvard after learning one of the dorms is called “Hurlbut.”

Youth wins out one more time.

John Hilliard can be reached at john.hilliard@globe.com.