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Michael Che offers up his take on the Adam Jones incident

Watch: Michael Che on the Adam Jones incident

“Saturday Night Live” cast member and Weekend Update anchor Michael Che has made clear his views on the city of Boston. It was no surprise, then, that Che again addressed racial issues in the city, touching Saturday on Adam Jones’s claims from last week.

Jones, the Orioles outfielder, told the Globe that a fan yelled racial slurs at him during last Monday’s game at Fenway Park. The Red Sox denounced the incident. “I find it despicable,” team president Sam Kennedy said.

The Red Sox said 34 fans were ejected from that game. One fan was ejected for profane language directed at a player, Kennedy said, although it was not specified whether that was the fan accused of using the slur. Others were ejected because of alcohol-related incidents, a fan throwing peanuts on the field, and fights in the stands.


Che implied that all 34 ejections were related to racial taunting.

“You know how comfortably racist a place has to be for 34 strangers to look around and say, ‘I think I could yell the N-word here,’ ” Che said.

Che also addressed former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling’s belief that Jones was “lying.”

“C’mon, Curt, is that . . . really hard to believe?” Che asked. “Of course not everybody in Boston is racist; not everybody in San Francisco is gay. But if Adam Jones said 34 dudes at a Giants game yelled, ‘yaaaaas, queen,’ I’d be like, that’s actually pretty low for San Francisco.”

You can watch Che’s comments in full at the top of this article.