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A new season, same old target for ‘Saturday Night Live’: Trump

Watch: Alec Baldwin as Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’

The cast of “Saturday Night Live” was back in full swing Saturday, taking comedic aim once more at President Trump .

Alec Baldwin dressed in Trump-casual golf attire for the cold open, which focused on Trump’s response — or lack thereof — to the crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and also his response to the NFL protests.

Joining Trump as the butt of the jokes were Sarah Huckabee Sanders (played by Aidy Bryant) and Jeff Sessions (played by Kate McKinnon).

The season premiere’s host, Ryan Gosling, took a moment to show off his jazz skills, allegedly gleaned on the set of “La La Land.” Behind the piano, Gosling took a moment to explain how he “saved jazz.”


Watch: Ryan Gosling on ‘SNL’

Gosling’s “La La Land” co-star, Emma Stone, made a surprise cameo to inform Gosling that, “you didn’t save jazz,” then saying after a taking a drag of from a prop cigarette: “we saved jazz.”