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An after-show for ‘Stranger Things’ fans

Millie Bobby Brown is among those to appear on “Beyond Stranger Things.”
Tina Rowden/Netflix
Millie Bobby Brown is among those to appear on “Beyond Stranger Things.”

The after-show show is becoming more and more common. We’ve seen the likes of “Talking Dead,” “Talking Bad,” “Talking Saul,” “After the Thrones,” “Nashchat,” and “After the Black,” extended versions of the after-show shorts that automatically appear after episodes of many shows.

Now Netflix’s “Stranger Things” is entering the game with “Beyond Stranger Things,” which will be hosted by superfan Jim Rash (“Community”). All seven episodes of the Netflix after-show, which will look behind the scenes and analyze the episode’s action, are available now, as is the entire second season of “Stranger Things.” Obviously, unlike some of the other after-shows, “Beyond Stranger Things” will not be live.

Oddly, Netflix is advising viewers not to start watching “Beyond” until they’ve finished watching the complete new season. Apparently there are spoilers in the air during the conversations on the show. But still, it seems misguided to ask viewers to watch an after-show about an episode long after we’ve seen that episode, and after we’ve watched other episodes.


Guests on the after-show include creators Ross and Matt Duffer as well as many of the show’s stars, including Millie Bobby Brown, Sean Astin, David Harbour, Gaten Matarazzo, and Paul Reiser.