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HBO’s new series from Alan Ball premieres in February

Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter star in “Here and Now.”
Ali Paige Goldstein/HBO
Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter star in “Here and Now.”

HBO has announced the premiere date of the new Alan Ball drama, “Here and Now,” not to be confused with the NPR radio show: It’s Sunday, Feb. 11.

Ball is the creator of “Six Feet Under,” which remains one of my favorite TV dramas of the past 20 years, featuring the best series finale ever made. He also made “True Blood” and won an Oscar for writing “American Beauty.” The new series is about an idealistic middle-aged couple, played by Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter, and their four young-adult children — one biological and three adopted from different countries (Vietnam, Somalia, and Colombia). They all live in and around Portland, Ore.

One of the kids starts seeing things, which triggers the story line. Does that mean the show has a supernatural element? It’s hard to tell from HBO’s plot description and the trailer, but I think not. I’m guessing the focus is on the conflicts in this progressive, multiethnic family and that the “seeing things” thing has more to do with psychiatry than a sixth sense. Please let that be the case.


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