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Carrie Brownstein to adapt her memoir for Hulu

Carrie Brownstein will write and direct the “Search and Destroy” pilot.
Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff/file
Carrie Brownstein will write and direct the “Search and Destroy” pilot.

I’m a big fan of Carrie Brownstein’s 2015 memoir, “Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl,” named after a line in the Sleater-Kinney song “Modern Girl.” The book is beautifully written, unromanticized, and perceptive — about her own restless journey, about rock scenes in general, and about the 1990s Pacific Northwest in particular. “These self-aware scenes are as cool as a secret handshake and a sly shared gesture of recognition,” she writes about Olympia, Wash., “but at some point I was done living inside the town equivalent of a wink.”

Now, with the final season of “Portlandia” premiering Thursday night at 10 on IFC, there is news that Brownstein is poised to adapt her memoir into a half-hour Hulu pilot. Sadly, the rich phrase “Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl” is not particularly TV-friendly, and so the title will be reduced to the blander, less provocative “Search and Destroy.” But the idea has a ton of promise as a story about a young woman finding her identity in an underground feminist punk-rock world and living a touring life that, in the book, sounds like a circle of hell.

Brownstein, who has directed episodes of “Casual” for Hulu and who is going to direct a feature called “Fairy Godmother,” will write and direct the pilot. At this point, she is not going to have an onscreen role in the potential series.


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