TV Critic’s Corner

More future shock in store from ‘Black Mirror’

Cristin Milioti in a season 4 episode of “Black Mirror.”
Jonathan Prime/Netflix
Cristin Milioti in a season 4 episode of “Black Mirror.”

“Black Mirror” is one of my favorite shows. I know that it’s uneven and some episodes are much better than others; that’s the nature of such anthology series. But the overall aim and ambition of “Black Mirror” — to deliver bracing images of the near future, particularly when it comes to technology — are thrilling. The risks of dating apps, surveillance, artificial intelligence, they’re all in play. Technoia — does that describe the mood of the drama? Like “The Twilight Zone” so many years ago, it takes on the fears and desires of our time.

So I am delighted to note that Netflix has renewed “Black Mirror” for a fifth season. There’s no word yet on how many episodes we’ll see, but since the show has been at Netflix, beginning with season three in 2016, each season has contained six episodes. The announcement came via the “Black Mirror” Twitter account, with a teaser clip of images from past episodes and the line “The future will be brighter than ever.” Yes indeed.


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