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Watch: Matt Damon’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue

Matt Damon, hosting “Saturday Night Live” for the second time, played up his Boston roots several times during this weekend’s episode.

He started his opening monologue this weekend with a brag about Boston that came at New York’s expense.

“There’s no place like Christmas in New York . . . except Boston,” the Cambridge native said. “Go Sox!”

During his monologue the actor paid tribute to his father who passed away a year ago Friday.

Kent Damon suffered from multiple myeloma and received treatment at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center in Boston.


Damon reminisced about the days when he would try to stay up to watch “SNL” as a child and said that his daughter is watching tonight.

“My wife and I told her that she can stay up all the way until 1 a.m. and she can watch Saturday Night Live,” he said. “And she said, ‘Who’s hosting?’ ”

Apparently unimpressed by “me, your father, Matt Damon,” his daughter inquired about the musical guest.

In honor of the last episode of “SNL” for 2018, Damon raised a glass for a toast “to everyone out there watching. Here’s to closing out the year, and to an even brighter year ahead.”

“But mostly,” he added. “here’s to all the moms and dads who let their kids stay up too late for all the right reasons.”

You can watch Damon’s full monologue at the top of this story.

Damon made a few more local jokes on the show and poked some fun at his hit movie “Good Will Hunting.”

Watch: The “Good Will Hunting” Christmas Tree ornament

In a sketch about forgotten Christmas tree decorations, he played a promotional “Good Will Hunting” ornament placed on the back of the tree with other rejected ornaments, including a drunk Santa and a souvenir from Cleveland.


Damon wrote and starred in “Good Will Hunting,” about a janitor at MIT who has uncommon intelligence.

On Saturday’s episode, he also appeared as a boxer named Tommy Ray Donovan with a thick Boston accent on “Weekend Update.”

His character appeared at the end of the segment to reconcile with Angel, otherwise known as “Every Boxer’s Girlfriend From Every Movie About Boxing Ever,” played by Heidi Gardner.

The two argue briefly, and Gardner’s character threatens to take their children to her sister’s house (at 343 Donnie Wahlberg Way), before revealing that Gardner’s character is pregnant with the family’s fifth child — joining their other four kids Mikey, Nickey, Peppers, and Keno. They reconcile and the skit ends.

Also on “Weekend Update,” anchor Colin Jost joked about a nativity scene in Dedham that sparked a conversation about immigration by placing the baby Jesus inside a metal cage.

Watch: “Weekend Update”