Watch: ‘Weekend Update’ with Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren.
Warning: Video includes content some may find offensive.

“Saturday Night Live” has a long history of comedic portrayals of presidential candidates. Most notable, perhaps, is Alec Baldwin’s ongoing imitation of President Trump, which earned him a Primetime Emmy in 2017.

The comedic tradition stretches back for decades, with actors serving as candidates throughout election cycles and often remaining in a role for years if their candidate is elected.

This weekend, “SNL” unveiled its newest candidate impersonation, with Kate McKinnon appearing as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is exploring a run for the presidency.


McKinnon’s Warren faced questions from “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost, touted her liberal bona fides during the nearly four-minute segment, and dissed some of her potential opponents. It was the second time the actress has appeared as Warren on “SNL,” and likely not to be the last.

“I haven’t been this excited since I found out my package from L.L. Bean had shipped,” McKinnon’s Warren said about running for president. “I’m ready to fight. Are you in this fight, Colin? Because I want you in this fight. We’ve got to fight.”

“Fighting for the middle class” has been one of Warren’s go-to lines since she entered politics and she often refers to herself as a “fighter.”

McKinnon’s Warren talked up her Oklahoma upbringing, which the senator has addressed several times on the campaign trail, and poked fun at Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Beto O’Rourke, all considered possible presidential candidates.

Biden and Sanders, both in their seventies, were too old to run for president, McKinnon’s character declared. Compared to them, she said, she’s a “spry” 69 years old.

And Beto?

“There’s a reason he’s got a nice face and good skin,” she said. “He hasn’t done anything.”


Then after a pause, she added: “Baby don’t know. Baby don’t know.”

As for Gillibrand, McKinnon’s Warren said, the New York senator may as well go by “Kirsten ‘Stole-my-brand,’ ” for her adoption of some of Warren’s political ideas.

Jost also asked about Warren’s decision to take a DNA test to determine her ancestry.

“It came back 100 percent a bad idea,” McKinnon’s character told the audience.

Watch the entire segment at the top of this story and watch more of “Weekend Update” below.

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