Time to get to work. The second season of “Succession” premieres on Aug. 11 on HBO, so you need to catch up on the first season if you missed it. It’s perfect summer viewing — soapy, well-acted, and at times quite funny. I won’t say it’s one of those major dramas that will go on all-time lists, like “The Sopranos” and “Breaking Bad.” It’s more along the lines of “Billions,” as it features a lot of bad people doing a lot of bad things for a lot money.

The Roys are a media family like the Murdochs, and the children are struggling to be dad Logan Roy’s favorite — and the inheritor of his massive empire. The four kids are creeps, just like everyone on this show about greed and excess — but their amorality is tons o’ fun. You never know which ones are banding together against the other. It’s the Murdochs, yes, but it’s also the Carringtons. These people can’t even enjoy their power because they’re so insecure about losing it. They’re the worst of the 1 percent, and the best at making us laugh and cringe.


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