Not surprisingly, the season finale of “The Handmaid’s Tale” focused on June’s rescue operation. But it also highlighted something that had been building in June all season long.

Yup, spoilers ahead.

At one moment, we see Elisabeth Moss’ handmaid point her gun in the face of an innocent child who’s making noise as they set out to escape. June has changed, to the point where she will do almost anything to combat the powers of Gilead. Her means — including a couple of murders — are justifying her ends, no matter what. By the end of the compelling episode, she’d succeeded in getting dozens of children out of the totalitarian nightmare, now a full-fledged unbreakable heroine.


Why were the kids so submissive about leaving the homes they’ve known since, in some cases, infancy? But I digress.

But here’s the big problem for me. June remains in Gilead with a serious gunshot wound.

Now show creator Bruce Miller will need to do more straining to keep her alive for at least another season (it has been renewed). He will need to find a way to keep her off of the hanging wall — unless he decides to kill her off, which is highly unlikely.

That has been my only serious problem with the show since its first revelatory season. The writers have had to twist the story in knots to keep June alive. Here’s my theory — and I know nothing official, so this is purely conjecture. I’m betting June is pregnant again, this time with Commander Lawrence’s child, since she and the commander were forced to have sex. No matter how guilty she is of masterminding the escape, no matter how hated she will be among those who lost their stolen children, no one in Gilead would think of killing a pregnant woman.