Recently, series such as “GLOW” and, especially, “Pose” have taken on AIDS as a plot point. Now, a five-part miniseries called “Boys” is about to dive into the subject.

It’s a promising project that’s about to go into production. “Boys” is created by Russell T. Davies of “Years and Years” and “Queer as Folk,” and it’s about a group of young gay men in the 1980s dealing with the epidemic. The cast includes Neil Patrick Harris, Keeley Hawes, Stephen Fry, and Olly Alexander.

When he first talk about the project a few years ago, Davies told Variety, “I am amazed that I haven’t written this before — I am amazed no one has. I think we are reaching a bit of a generational thing now where men like me in their 50s are looking back and realizing how shocking it was.” No word yet on air date or channel.


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