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‘Elizabeth Warren’ claps back in spoof of LGBTQ town hall on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren at CNN’s town hall on LGBTQ issues for Democratic presidential candidates.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren at CNN’s town hall on LGBTQ issues for Democratic presidential candidates.Mario Tama/Getty Images/Getty Images

“Saturday Night Live” spoofed CNN’s town hall on LGBTQ issues for Democratic presidential candidates in its cold open, poking fun at Joe Biden’s gaffes and Elizabeth Warren’s clap back to those who believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, portrayed by Alex Moffat, opened the sketch by handing it off to “Pose” star Billy Porter to introduce the candidates.

Chris Redd as Corey Booker was first to take the stage, only to make a swift exit after he was asked about his record on gay rights.

“My girlfriend was in ‘Rent’ so yeah, I get it,” he said, referring to Booker’s actress girlfriend Rosario Dawson.


Next was Colin Jost as Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

“There’s no wrong way to be gay, unless you’re Ellen this week,” he said, alluding to the backlash Ellen DeGeneres received after being photographed at a football game with former President George W. Bush and later defending their friendship as an attempt to be kind to everyone regardless of their beliefs.

Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren jogged onto the stage, clapping and pointing to the audience in Warren’s typical energetic fashion.

After the “senator” was asked how she would respond if someone on the campaign trail told her they have “old-fashioned” views on marriage, she said,“When people say gay and trans people shouldn’t be included in Civil Rights Act protections, well I wish their parents had used protection.”

The sketch also featured Lin-Manuel Miranda’s debut as Julian Castro, who called himself “Latino Obama.”

“As a Democrat, I want to apologize for not being gay,” he said. “However, I am Latino, which we can all agree is something.”

Woody Harrelson reprised his role as former Vice President Joe Biden, imitating the candidate’s tendency to remember events incorrectly and past claims of unwanted touching.


“The year was 1926 and I was in Dover with my father,” Biden said, going on to tell a rambling story. “And that was Delaware in 19-clickity-clack,” he concluded.

“Thank you to everyone that played tonight but we all know I’m your guy,” he said, before asking Cooper if he had “ever been kissed by a vice president” and giving him a peck on the lips.

Watch the entire sketch below. Warning: Video includes content some may find offensive.

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