In its episode this weekend, “Saturday Night Live” took time to poke fun at a pair of Massachusetts mainstays: Senator Elizabeth Warren and Bertucci’s.

Warren has been parodied often this season by cast member Kate McKinnon, who reprised her imitation this week in a star-studded sketch mocking the latest Democratic debate. Host Will Ferrell, along with guests Woody Harrelson, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, and Larry David joined the ‘SNL’ cast to fill out the Democratic field for the skit.

Ferrell, playing billionaire Tom Steyer, grabbed control of the scene with a determined monologue and approach of the camera despite the protest of MSNBC debate host Rachel Maddow (played by cast member Melissa Villaseñor).


Ferrell’s Steyer said his campaign for president was “fun” and got him “out of the house.”

McKinnon delivered her Warren imitation with her usual enthusiasm, touting her “mom hosting Thanksgiving energy” and bobbing excitedly in the background of other imitators, including Ferrell’s Steyer and Armisen’s Michael Bloomberg.

Watch the entire sketch below — Warning: This video includes content some viewers may find offensive

In addition to his turn as Steyer, Ferrell portrayed a father in a family of four selected to appear in a Bertucci’s commercial. Excited about their favorite restaurant, the four family members animatedly discuss the Massachusetts-based restaurant chain.

The taping takes a turn for the worse after the family’s mother, played by McKinnon, departs the restaurant, insulted after her suggestion for the commercial is rejected. Ferrell’s character appears unable to talk to his children (played by cast members Heidi Gardner and Kyle Mooney) and the family’s once-happy trip to Bertucci’s goes downhill.

It ends with a new, suggested Bertucci’s slogan for the end of the commercial.

Watch the entire sketch below — Warning: This video includes content some viewers may find offensive


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