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On Dec. 14, 1949, the cornerstone of the Museum of Science was laid along the Charles River. The museum opened in 1951 and became very popular, expanding multiple times at Science Park during the next
two decades. A variety of exhibits and attractions were added, and now about 1.5 million visitors
per year walk through the comprehensive museum.

It’s a good bet that motorists got a start as this truck bore down on them on April 10, 1972. The huge model of Tyrannosaurus rex was being transported from the studios of a New York sculptor to its new home at the museum’s newly constructed West Wing. The effort to join the head of the dinosaur, which had been on display since 1966, to its body was funded by a game called “Pin the Head on the Dinosaur.” The game was sold for $2, and all proceeds were matched dollar for dollar by Filene’s until the $50,000 goal was reached. Leanne Burden Seidel and Lisa Tuite

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