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From Globe archives: Paragon Park

Globe file 1942

Paragon Park was part of Hull’s Nantasket Beach for more than 100 years.
Originally named Atlantic Park, it was built in 1868 and renamed Paragon Park in 1905. A fire destroyed much of the park in 1963, but it came back as strong as ever. The park finally closed in 1985, but the carousel
still spins for visitors as
it has for 85 years.

In the photo at right, from June 2, 1942, mechanics who had just finished the annual inspection and repairs to the Paragon Park roller coaster gave it the first ride of the 1942 season.
Because of World War II
and its blackout
restrictions, blue cellophane had to be put over all the white lights on the park rides and the lights on Nantasket Avenue had to be painted black. All traffic had to be kept off the roads after dark for rider safety.