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Painter: Nancy Pochis Bank

Nancy Pochis Bank’s Cool Globe entitled “Willpower.
Nancy Pochis Bank’s Cool Globe entitled “Willpower.
Nancy Pochis Bank.

Chicago painter Nancy Pochis Bank climbed on the “Cool Globes” bandwagon in its early days. She has made two new ones just for Boston. “Willpower,” which she made with collaborator Tracee Badway, features Boston Marathon runners. “To train for a marathon, you have to dedicate yourself, to have a goal,” she says. “It can be discouraging. But with hard work and help, you can complete a marathon. It’s similar to trying to address climate change.”

Accompanying text indirectly refers to the Marathon bombing, and the spirit of community that flowered afterward. The globe has been placed in Copley Square.

Bank modeled her second piece, “Walk Your Chalk,” on artist Candy Chang’s “Before I Die . . .” mural project, which invited viewers to fill in the blank. Bank painted her globe chalkboard green, and wrote prompts such as “I will cool this globe by. . .” near the top. At the “Cool Globes” opening Thursday, visitors could chalk their proposals right onto the sculpture.


“As an artist,” Bank says, “you have to be working on things you believe in.”