Age: 36

Hometown: Moved around a lot before settling in Plainfield, N.J., for the majority of his childhood. Spent summers in Chatham, lived in Rhode Island, and eventually settled now on Beacon Hill with his wife.

Think of: A Beacon Hill impressionist who spent summers on Cape Cod, and developed an eye for beautiful oceanscapes and nature scenes.

What caught our eye: Bartlett participated in a pop-up event called Pastry Pairings 2.0: Paint the Hill, which featured more than 20 painters scattered across Beacon Hill, painting land- and cityscapes. Bartlett was in the early stages of painting a courtyard off Charles Street when we first spotted his talent.


Light bulb moment: “I always loved to draw. I always enjoyed artwork. I never really thought about it when I was a kid . . . like I’m definitely going to be an artist for a living,” Bartlett said. “I guess it was when I was in college. It probably helps that my dad’s cousin — his family had, quote, a few artists in it,” Bartlett recalled. “It made me think, ‘I can do this, I can pursue this.’ ”

Biggest thrill: “I don’t know if I’ve had it yet,” Bartlett said. “I really enjoy painting. I think if I’m working in the studio and I’m onto something, that’s pretty thrilling. Other than that, being at some of the gallery shows I’ve been in.

“I look at all the moments as they happen as steps along the way. The first painting I ever sold was probably a thrilling moment.” Bartlett sold a couple of portraits of his friends to them after showcasing a series of them during his senior show at Holy Cross.

Inspired by: Such artists as Thomas Eakins and John Singer Sargent. Also inspired by the outdoors.

Aspires to: “Keep selling more paintings,” Bartlett said. “Finding a balance of more commercial artwork and paintings that I want to do that are shown in galleries. To keep doing the paintings that I’ve been doing and develop them. Lately I’ve been thinking of adding industrial elements . . . sort of this juxtaposition of old and new.”


As far as painting locations go, Bartlett has an endless list of places he wants to visit. Next up: Switzerland, where’s he’s headed for vacation and an art show in mid-June.

For good luck: “Sometimes I listen to music or NPR when I’m painting,” Bartlett said. “Sometimes I like to do a pencil sketch as an under-thing.” The last painting he did without pencil didn’t exactly come out the way he wanted it to, he recalled. “That might end up being little bit of a superstition.”

What people should know: “I love to surf, ski, fish, sail,” Bartlett said. “My art is definitely inspired a lot by those things.”

Coming soon: Bartlett is currently showing several paintings at Sloane Merrill Gallery on Charles Street.
For those venturing to the Cape, Tree’s Place in Orleans is playing host to
several nautical-themed pieces.

During the trip to Switzerland, Bartlett will have pieces displayed by Elizabeth Clement Fine Art at Scope Basel, described as “the premier showcase for international emerging contemporary art,” June 17-22.

Emily Wright can be reached at emily.wright@boston.com. Follow her on Twitter @MissEmilyWright.