Girl, Incarcerated

Friday at 10 p.m. Tickets: $18. Improv Boston, 40 Prospect St., Cambridge. 617-576-1252. www.improvboston.com

The Deal: If you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newest season of “Orange Is the New Black” in June, Improv Boston Theatre is offering a pretty good distraction. The improvisational comedy troupe puts on a new installment of “Girl, Incarcerated” every Friday at its theater in Cambridge. Join the ladies of Galcatraz, an all-women’s minimum-security prison, for the inside scoop of the power struggle, backstabbing, friendships, and dirty secrets that go on behind prison walls. “One thing that makes the show very cool is that it’s an immersive experience,” said Mac Gostow, the associate producer for Improv Boston. “From the second the audience walks into our theater, they’re met by security guards, and the lighting and music reflect the prison experience.” Get ready for fast-paced storytelling, shenanigans, and all the twists and turns that go along with lines made up on the fly. Each week brings a diverse cast of Boston’s best comedians, so even if you’ve seen the show before, you’re in for something new each time.

The Crowd: Improv Boston is a hot spot for college students. With spontaneous acting, raunchy humor, and an anything-goes atmosphere, a night of comedy is a perfect (and cheap) alternative to racking up a tab at a bar. “It’s definitely a date-night crowd, too; typically we get people in their mid- to late-20s,” Gostow said. “They’ve already gone out to dinner, so they want to come out afterward for a show and some drinks.”


The Dress: Dress is casual, but feel free to don an orange jumpsuit in the spirit of the show. Careful, because while you may blend in with the inmates on stage, you may stand out on the red line. Orange not your color? Stripes work, too — horizontal only, of course.


The Drink: You won’t have to venture far for refreshments because Improv Boston has a bar on the premises. During performances, Gags is open for beer, wine, soft drinks, and light snacks. In tune with the season, the club is launching a new line of frozen treats. “They’re called buzz bars, and they’re alcohol-infused ice cream bars,” Gostow explained. “They’re fun, playful combinations of liquors and wine paired with dessert flavors that are coming out just in time for the warm weather.”

The Tip: Make the night a girls’ night. “This week is the Women in Comedy week, so this show fits nicely with the theme. Improv Boston is celebrating female comedians, as well as equality in comedy,” Gostow said.


Kelly Danckert