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Latest Headlines in Television

For ‘Swarm’ star Dominique Fishback, playing a twisted superfan is what dreams are made of

"I always felt I could lead something," the actress says of her new Amazon series and her greatest acting challenge. "I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time."


‘Lucky Hank’ gives a tale of midlife crisis the old college try

In the AMC dramedy, Bob Odenkirk, just off "Better Call Saul," plays a cranky English professor who has lost sight of his motivation, both as a teacher and a novelist.


Now that ‘The Bear’ is a hit, expect a bit more in season 2

The Hulu-FX series will be back sometime in June, according to a just released promotional clip that contains some images and ideas of what is to come.

‘The Last of Us’ season finale: Tell us what you think

In the ninth and final episode of the season, a brutal choice is presented to Pascal’s character, Joel: will he sacrifice an innocent teenager to potentially save the world?


This week’s TV: The warm return of ‘Ted Lasso,’ Bob Odenkirk’s new dramedy, and an Elvis cartoon

“Ted Lasso” returns for its third, and possibly last, season, while new shows premiering this week include Bob Odenkirk in “Lucky Hank,” the horror thriller “Swarm,” and the animated series “Agent Elvis,” with Matthew McConaughey voicing Elvis.

In ‘Saturday Night Live’ monologue, Jenna Ortega says she’s not as ‘twisted’ as her roles suggest

The 20-year-old Ortega has acted since she was a child, but found fame with Netflix's "Wednesday" last year. The 1975 was the night's musical guest.


Can-do attitude prevails, as ‘Shrinking’ earns a second season

Apparently, it has done well enough in the ratings — which Apple TV+ does not share publicly — to justify a return.


8 of the most memorable fictional TV music makers

There have been so many fictional music makers on TV over the years, you could fill the Partridge Family's bus many times over. From Mouse Rat in "Parks and Recreation" to The Archies from “The Archie Show," here are eight of the most memorable.