Latest Headlines in Visual Arts

Outdoor pop-ups boost Boston’s newest art fair. ‘We all have fatigue looking online these days.’

AREA CODE Art Fair features work online and in person at sites throughout Boston.

A painter challenges modernism with the harrowing history of slavery

Steve Locke’s “Homage to the Auction Block” series is on view at LaMontagne Gallery.


At the Clark, an artist’s irresistible vision of interspecies harmony

Lin May Saeed's "Arrival of the Animals" presents a radical, fantastical vision of animal liberation.


When art goes viral

Chantal ‘Zakari’ s new book, ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous,’ takes on the depicting of COVID-19.


At Mass MoCA, art built for a planet on the edge

In the midst of a pandemic, Blane De St. Croix’s “How To Move a Landscape” reminds us of the climate crisis.

Portraits of ‘ordinary people who continue to live and survive’ at the site of police killings

Keith Morris Washington's "Black Lives . . .” is online and on view at Concord Center for the Visual Arts.

N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo is touting a new pandemic poster that artists call an ‘incoherent’ mess

"It ignores the rules of composition. There's no sense of design. It's a complete waste of space," said one artist about the work.

‘I’ve longed to see a work of art for months.’ Visitors return to Boston’s ICA

The Institute of Contemporary Art became one of the first Boston cultural institutions to welcome back patrons when it unlocked its doors Tuesday morning.