Latest Headlines in Visual Arts

At the Gardner Museum, seven favorites from 25 years of artists-in-residence

“In the Company of Artists” celebrates the museum’s residency program with an exhibition of highlights.

New England’s most fascinating museum shows for fall

A packed season brings reappraisals of all-American favorites and solo shows for tomorrow’s art stars.

Art Review

Yale exhibition celebrates John Ruskin, the most titanic of Victorian titans

“Unto This Last: Two Hundred Years of John Ruskin” observes the great critic’s bicentenary.

As museums evolve, the MFA marks 150th anniversary by embracing change

Museums have watched their relevance wane for decades as the world shifted around them. With various culture wars raging, the MFA’s 150th anniversary brings the chance to reengage.

Dominican multimedia artist Firelei Báez named ICA Watershed artist for 2020

Báez will create an architectural sculpture that imagines ancient ruins below the venue.

Music Review

It’s not just science fiction: Carolina Eyck’s theremin steals the show with Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Eyck transfixed with two pieces for theremin and orchestra, including a world premiere, during BMOP’s 1920s-themed season opener.

Music Review

Pianist Yuja Wang dazzles with Shostakovich concerto at the BSO

Nothing about Wang’s performance was understated, but she saved the biggest fireworks for last.