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New details in debt limit deal: Where $136 billion in cuts will come from

The bill cuts so-called nondefense discretionary, which includes domestic law enforcement, forest management, scientific research and more — for the 2024 fiscal year.

Prosecutors say Sam Bankman-Fried’s arguments to dismiss cryptocurrency charges are meritless

Bankman-Fried has pleaded not guilty to charges that he cheated investors and looted customer deposits on FTX to make lavish real estate purchases, donate money to politicians, and make risky trades at his cryptocurrency hedge fund trading firm.

LGBTQ+ activists call for new strategies to promote equality after Target backlash

Target announced last week that it removed products and relocated Pride displays to the back of certain stores in the South.

Why spending cuts probably won’t shake the economy

Economists say the debt deal is unlikely to inflict the sort of lasting damage to the recovery that was caused by the 2011 deal — and, paradoxically, the newfound spending restraint might even help it.

Baby eels remain one of America’s most valuable fish after strong year in Maine

Baby eels, called elvers, are often worth more than $2,000 per pound because of how valuable they are to Asian aquaculture companies.


5 innovators to watch in R.I.’s life sciences industry

Rhode Island’s life sciences are already starting preclinical spinoffs, creating apps for specific patient populations, and conducting ground-breaking medical research. Here’s a look at a few we’ve featured recently.

With debt limit deal in hand, McCarthy and Biden turn to task of selling it

To get the legislation through a fractious and closely divided Congress, McCarthy and top Democratic leaders must cobble together a coalition of Republicans and Democrats in the House and the Senate willing to back it.

Takeaways on debt ceiling: McCarthy’s balancing act, Biden’s choice and the challenges ahead

After weeks of negotiations, President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have struck an agreement to avert a potentially devastating government default.