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Peloton retools bikes for do-it-yourself assembly to cut costs

The move is part of a wide-ranging turnaround bid under chief executive Barry McCarthy. 1 hour ago

To escape the war, Ukraine’s factories are moving west

LVIV, Ukraine — It is an unusual arrangement for unusual times: Above a factory floor in Lviv, Ukraine, where Volodomyr Mysysk has relocated his furniture-making business, he and his 15 employees have become roommates. They have brought their children and their dogs, and they share a kitchen above the machinery where they spend their days reviving a company that could have been destroyed by the war. 2 hours ago


Tents may be gone from Mass. and Cass, but a humanitarian crisis remains

People were huddled under patio-size umbrellas, sleeping on blankets, and using wheelchairs as seating. Progress, it seems, depends on your perspective. 2 hours ago

12 hours inside the Starbucks strike on Commonwealth Avenue, the longest in company history

Twenty Starbucks employees have successfully enlisted community members to execute a nearly month-long, 24/7 strike near Boston University. Here's a look inside. 2 hours ago

Starbucks asks labor board to halt union votes temporarily

Starbucks is asking the National Labor Relations Board to temporarily suspend all union elections at its US stores in response to allegations of improper coordination between regional NLRB officials and the union.

Before the iRobot acquisition, Massachusetts was already at the forefront of all things robots

Beyond its early pioneers, the local booming robotics scene now includes hundreds of companies, including Amazon's recent acquisition: iRobot.

Dutch court expects November verdicts in MH17 downing trial

Verdicts in the Dutch trial in absentia of three Russians and a Ukrainian charged with involvement in the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 are expected to be delivered on Nov. 17, the court announced Monday.

New climate deal spurs hopes of more carbon storage projects

It's greener energy that geologist Fred McLaughlin seeks as he drills nearly two miles into the ground, far deeper than the thick coal seams that make this the top coal-mining region in the United States.