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Target to close 9 stores including 3 in San Francisco, citing theft that threatens workers, shoppers

The store closings underscore the big challenges that retailers face in reducing theft in stores as they wrestle with protecting their workers and customers while trying to serve the community.

JPMorgan settles Epstein suits with US Virgin Islands and ex-banker

Jeffrey Epstein had been a client of JPMorgan both before and after he pleaded guilty in 2008 to a charge of soliciting prostitution from a teenage girl and had to register as a sex offender in New York, Florida, and the Virgin Islands.

Biden urges striking auto workers to ‘stick with it’ in picket line visit unparalleled in history

President Biden grabbed a bullhorn on the picket line Tuesday and urged striking auto workers to “stick with it” in an unparalleled show of support for organized labor by a modern president.

Top Apple executive defends favoring Google on iPhones

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services, testified in Washington that Google’s placement as the default search option on the Safari browser across Apple devices was motivated by quality.

‘I can’t afford the cars I help make’: At Mansfield UAW strike, employees rail against pay disparities

A few dozen at the Stellantis parts distribution center are fighting a tiered compensation system.

Biden urges striking auto workers to ‘stick with it’ in picket line visit unparalleled in history

“You deserve the significant raise you need,” President Biden said through a bullhorn after arriving at a General Motors parts distribution warehouse located in a suburb west of Detroit.


Hearings held on raising the Mass. minimum wage to $20 an hour

Stories you may have missed from the world of business.

innovation economy

Three Mass. startups are finalists in national inventor competition

Diverging from the tech and biotech sectors, the companies are focused on making it easier to turn existing dams into power sources, making artificial leather, and detecting brain swelling.