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Education Department wipes out $4b in ITT Tech student loans

The move is part of the department’s efforts to crack down on the for-profit education sector and help students who have been defrauded. 2 hours ago


As EV sales soar, it’s back to school for car techs

Vocational high schools and community colleges, the traditional training grounds for auto technicians, are gearing up for EVs, which are simpler to maintain than cars that run on internal combustion engines. 2 hours ago

Prosecutors struggle to catch up to a tidal wave of pandemic fraud

The federal pandemic aid came with few strings and minimal oversight. The result: one of the largest frauds in American history, with billions of dollars stolen by thousands of people. 2 hours ago

Harvard study suggests anti-Asian discrimination spiked on Airbnb during COVID

The study also suggests Airbnb’s design choices made it “easier for users to discriminate” because the platform displays hosts’ names. 2 hours ago


Farmers in New England face new challenges with severe drought

Water supplies are low or dry, fire departments are combatting more brush fires, and crops are growing poorly. “I don’t think there is any normal anymore,” one farmer says.

Sales are down, and prices are leveling off: More signs of a downshift in Boston-area housing market

Sky-high home sales prices and persistent inflation rates are discouraging people from buying a house, and the market appears to be slowly inching towards normalcy.


As tech sector rebounds, Definitive Healthcare CEO sees billion-dollar opportunity

The Framingham data merchant is looking to expand as tech companies rebound from a rocky year.

Boston wants to ban fossil fuels in new buildings

The City of Boston is seeking state permission to ban fossil fuels from new construction, a step toward reducing climate-harming emissions on a large scale, Mayor Michelle Wu said Tuesday.