Survey: The workplace runs better on premium joe

In the office cubicles, it takes little to please the drones, apparently. Throw some good coffee their way, and drooping spirits will yield to improved workplace morale and better productivity.

So concludes a new survey from Westwood-based Filterfresh, which just so happens to be in the business of providing coffee services and products to corporate customers nationwide.

Filterfresh’s advice to the boss? Don’t skimp on the Starbucks. In a down economy in which raises are as rare as a beer-free Red Sox clubhouse, offering the staff good coffee is a cost-effective way to decaffeinate bad attitudes and bring in a bit of sweetness and light, Filterfresh suggests.


According to Filterfresh’s survey of human resource executives, 64 percent of respondents said they have upgraded their office coffee offerings in the last three years, and 86 percent said that the upgrade boosted employee morale, a small price to pay for happier employees.

So, boss, how about cranking up some tony joe?

Chris Reidy can be reached at reidy@globe.com.