EMI sues Cambridge digital music reseller

Music giant EMI Group Limited has filed a lawsuit against the Cambridge Internet start-up ReDigi, charging that the company’s plans to enable the selling of “used’’ digital music constitutes copyright infringement.

ReDigi was founded by Larry Rudolph, an MIT professor who is currently on leave.

On its website, ReDigi claims that the marketplace that it created to resell digital music is as legal as someone reselling an album to a used-record store. “Once you sell a song, you no longer have access to it,’’ the company says on the site. “This is how ReDigi stays legit, and how you now have access to an incredible marketplace where rights long accepted in the physical world may now be applied to digital goods.’’


The technology website CNET reported yesterday that EMI’s 18-page complaint, filed in a New York federal court, alleges that to operate its business, ReDigi must make numerous unauthorized copies of songs, which violates copyright law.

Neither EMI nor ReDigi could be reach for comment.