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Say hello to Dragon TV --- and good-bye to your old remote

Is this the end of the TV remote-control device as we know it?

Nuance Communications Inc., the Burlington company known for its Dragon brand of speech-recognition products, said it is unveiling Dragon TV.

With Dragon TV, viewers have the ability to easily find content by speaking channel numbers, station names, show, and movie names. Issue such voice commands as “Go to PBS” or “Find movie comedies with actor Vince Vaughn,” and Dragon TV will quickly respond, Nuance said in a press release.

Nuance claims the timing of Dragon TV is ideal. As consumers are bombarded with more and more viewing choices, the traditional remote-control device is becoming overwhelmed and obsolete. The solution? Replace the remote with a product such as Dragon TV, Nuance claims.


According to Nuance, Dragon TV is also designed to leverage messaging and social media capabilities so a viewer can say such things as, “Send message to Julie, ‘Old School is on TBS again this weekend - super excited.’” Or: “Send update to Facebook, ‘Anyone else looking forward to Celebrity Wife Swap?’”

Citing industry statistics, Nuance said that an estimated 1.6 billion TVs will be connected to the Web by 2014.

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