Mars to make all candy bars 250 calories or less

Vincent Kessler/reuters/File 2011
Mars also plans to reduce sodium levels in its foods.

NEW YORK - Mars Inc., the maker of M&M’s and Twix, will stop making chocolate products that exceed 250 calories by the end of 2012. King-size chocolate bars will disappear from candy aisles. The privately held company also makes Milky Way, 3Musketeers, Bounty, and Kudos bars.

Mars may not have to make radical changes to reach its goal; a standard Snickers bar has 280 calories. A package of Twix clocks in at 250 calories.

Mars declined to provide details, noting it has not finalized how it will reach its caloric goals. The company said it has shown a “broad-based commitment to health and nutrition’’ in recent years.


By 2015, the company plans to reduce sodium levels in all its food products by 25 percent.