Apple to add 3,600 jobs at new $304m Texas campus

AUSTIN, Texas - Apple Inc. is investing $304 million in a new campus and more than doubling its workforce in the Texas capital, boosted by a $21 million incentive from a state fund designed to attract high-tech companies, Governor Rick Perry said Friday.

The investment from the Texas Enterprise Fund comes in exchange for a promise that Apple will add more than 3,600 employees at its new facility in Austin over the next decade, including customer support, sales, and accounting staff, Perry said. “Investments like this further Texas’s potential to become the nation’s next high-tech hub,’’ he said.

Already the world’s most valuable company, Apple’s market capitalization topped $500 billion this month and remains above that mark - rarefied air that only a few firms, including rival Microsoft Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp., have ever exceeded.


The enterprise fund is one of two designed to entice technology companies and top researchers to Texas. Perry said the payout to Apple is one of the largest and the company’s job pledge one of the most ambitious since the fund was created in 2003.