Panjiva: Stout shipments surge as St. Patrick’s Day draws nigh

When times are tough, St. Patrick’s Day celebrants content themselves with swilling low-rent green beer, but when the good times roll, they’re inclined to order a stout --- a Guinness perhaps.

If stout consumption is a leading economic indicator, there now may be additional anecdotal evidence that the US economy is on the upswing. According to a firm called Panjiva Inc., there’s recently been nearly a 25 percent increase in stout shipments to the United States.

With offices in New York and Cambridge, Panjiva uses technologies developed under the leadership of company cofounder James Psota, a computer scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With those technologies, Panjiva analyzes bills of lading for ships bringing goods to the United States. Panjiva then sells its data and analysis to manufacturers and suppliers.


As St. Patrick’s Day drew nigh, Panjiva examined stout shipments for January and February, then compared them with shipments for the same period a year ago.

“Although the reasons behind the rising shipments could be attributed to several factors, they do suggest the Irish-at-heart will have plenty of stout to celebrate with during the weekend’s festivities,” Panjiva said in a press alert.

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