State rejects all bids for courthouse renovation

State officials have rejected all eight bids submitted by developers for the rehab of the former home of Middlesex Superior Court in East Cambridge. The state’s Division of Capital Asset Management said Friday that most of the proposals to redevelop the Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse did not meet bidding requirements, so it will start the process over again. New bids will be due in two months.

A who’s who of developers responded to the initial request for bids. The bidders included Boston Properties, Trinity Financial, HYM Investment Group, The Congress Group, The Gutierrez Co., Leggat McCall Properties, Amerimar Acquisition Corp., and the Bulfinch Cos.

The 22-story courthouse, which still houses prisoners on its upper floors, will require a complete renovation as part of any effort to reuse it. The building is also laden with asbestos that will cost tens of millions of dollars to remove.