Dunkin’ Donuts has new bagel recipe, new agreement with Coca-Cola

Dunkin’ Donuts, the Canton-based coffee-and-baked-goods chain, said it is launching a new bagel offensive as it also begins to offer Coca-Cola at its US restaurants.

On the baked goods front, Dunkin’ Donuts said it is switching to a new recipe that will result in “artisan bagels” that feature “a soft and chewy texture with bolder flavors.”

Dunkin’ said that bagels have been part of its menu since 1996. The new artisan bagels are available in such “classic bagel selections” as sesame, poppy seed, and cinnamon raisin, along with two new seasonal varieties --- sun-dried tomato and pumpernickel. Dunkin’ Donuts said it has also introduced new reduced-fat artichoke spinach cream cheese bagel.


Meanwhile, Dunkin’s parent company, Dunkin’ Brands Inc., said that under a new agreement, its US restaurants will begin serving Coca-Cola products.

Dunkin’ Brands operates both the Dunkin’ Donuts chain and the Baskin-Robbins ice cream chain. Coca-Cola products will be available in all US Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins restaurants by August, Dunkin’ Brands said.

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