GlobalPost’s ‘On Location’ wins Peabody Award

GlobalPost, an international news website with headquarters in Boston, has won a prestigious George Foster Peabody Award for its “On Location’’ video series.

The Peabody Awards honor the best work of electronic media. For 2011, there were 38 winners.

According to the awards committee, “On Location’’ was cited for focusing “on news and events neglected or ignored by other media outlets.’’

GlobalPost debuted in early 2009 and launched “On Location’’ several months later to complement the print coverage on its website.

“Video is hugely important online,’’ said Philip Balboni, president and chief executive of GlobalPost.

During 2011, GlobalPost posted 75 “On Location’’ from 34 countries. New videos appear as they become available, typically once or twice a week.


They are three to seven minutes long.

A big international story of 2011 was the overthrow of Moammar Khadafy in Libya, Balboni said. Several “On Location’’ videos focused on Libya.

A GlobalPost correspondent, James Foley, was held in captivity in Libya for 45 days.

In June, “On Location’’ won an Edward R. Murrow Award.