Panjiva: Chocolate and toy bunny shipments are hopping this Easter

Folks who celebrate Easter should expect to see a bumper crop of chocolate and toy bunnies this weekend, according to a new report from Panjiva Inc.

Maybe tough times had penny-pinchers cutting back, but after several down years, bunnies (including chocolate bunnies) seem to be back big time --- shipments of bunnies to the US were up 22 percent in early 2012, Panjiva said.

With offices in New York and Cambridge, Panjiva uses technologies developed under the leadership of company cofounder James Psota, a computer scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With those technologies, Panjiva analyzes bills of lading for ships bringing goods to the United States. Panjiva then sells its data and analysis to manufacturers and suppliers.


After analyzing US Customs data for January, the month many Easter items are shipped into the country, Panjiva concluded, “Shipments of bunnies, which include chocolates, toys and decor, steadily declined from 2009 to 2011, but are back at their highest levels in four years.”

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